Tea glorious Tea……

One of the fortunate circumstances of being a prolific reviewer is the option to review products – and have I got a wonderful set of items for you today.

If you are a fan of tea – and love to have pretty little teapots in your house for use and on display – you will want to check out these items from Tea Beyond!

The Teapot

Tea Beyond


This lovely little teapot holds enough water to make a solid mug of tea, or if you are feeling delicate, 2 cups.  With a pretty pink butterfly on top, ridged handle and a tea strainer, as well as a votive holder that keeps the tea warm, it’s a beautiful display piece, with or without tea inside.  I’ve used it now for 3 days in a row, substituting tea for coffee – it cleans easily, feels solid and substantial without being too heavy, and is reasonably priced when I compare it to some of my other tea-centric items.

Tea Beyond offered me this product for an honest review: the packaging was solid and pretty, tied off with a ribbon and bow, the two boxes (one for the teapot, one for the cozy) are solid and pretty even if you have to box and store items away.  I’ve used the tea strainer which works quite well, no loose tea leaves escaped into my cup, but even with loose tea added directly to the pot, I only found a leaf or two at the bottom of my mug.   While the description says the pot will hold 710 ml or 24 oz, I found about 18 oz / 530 ml to be the best feel for pouring and steeping. It did not drip, and the lid stayed fairly seated, although I would keep a finger on it to stop it dropping off.  I would certainly recommend their teapots – I am thrilled to bits with the look, feel and function of mine.

This is the version that I received for review: Tea Beyond Clear Glass Teapot Pink Butterfly 710ml 24oz with Tea Warmer Cozy

They also offer a Non-Butterfly topped pot: Tea Beyond Heat resistant Glass Teapot Juliet, 20-Ounce
And a teapot with an infuser:  Tea Beyond Clear Glass Teapot Butterfly 710ml 24 Oz Non Drip with Infuser

Overall: 5 star product and service / delivery time 

The Tea

There’s no point in having a teapot if you don’t have tea to drink, and Tea Beyond offered their Flowering Blooms Tea – a blend of Silver needle green tea, calendula, carnation, jasmine & Globe Amaranth. The best part about this tea was the delicate aroma, not too flowery (you never want to feel like you are chomping on a flowerpot) but not too much tannin to give that bite to the aroma.  My first cup was after a 4 minute steep with boiling water to get the color to rise.  After that, with the SAME little pod, I continued to drink tea from my mug the rest of the afternoon, varying the steeping time to go as long as 7 minutes (for the last gasp).

I don’t normally add sweeteners or milk to my tea, unless I’m going for something truly strong – and this was not too tart nor too harsh to drink without, even through the last cup.  Each bloom will make, per the company’s website, up to 10 cups – and that seemed to hold true for me.  I only had one petal break free from the bloom, a unique look in the teapot that opened to display like a giant amoeba.  Each package of 12 comes with different blooms, you can see the look on the company website.

For a great cup, and I did put a bloom aside in an airtight container to test and use the next day with no significant decrease in taste or scent.  This was a lovely cup, I’ve yet to try iced but that is in store for me next week.

Again – it’s difficult to find teas that aren’t commercially processed at a reasonable price, and getting the flavor and delicacy that you would find in a loose tea without the mess that often accompanies it – this is a great option.

Overall: 5 star product and service / delivery time / Packaging 

See the tea package here


And the brewed tea






You can find the tea that I received here Tea Beyond FLS-3SET-BLF2100 12-Pack Fab Flowering Blooms Tea
And another flavor (Jasmine) Here Tea Beyond Premium Blooming Tea Tranquility Jasmine

About Tea Beyond

It’s a true story! Tea Beyond is inspired by Jane’s life experience.

Tea has been most cherished by people for its health benefits. When she first decided to be committed to tea, she did not know what, how, when, where about teas. She then went to Chinese Science Academy in China to study tea directly from the top tea scientists and tea gurus in tea industry and earned three professional tea certificates.

Grew up from a family that has strong Traditional Chinese Medicine background, Jane is also an active science and food lover. Everyone knows tea is good for health, but how to drink it to get the benefits? Jane does tea testing often-what works, what doesn’t, how to pair tea with foods, how to brew tea to make it better, how much tea should we drink everyday etc.

Thank you for stopping in – I wish you many happy afternoons with Tea…..

***I received teapot and teas from TeaBeyond for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.



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  1. THANK YOU for such a fabulous review!! Stay tuned. Will have more to come;)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

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