VoiBella Best Pure Vitamin C 20% Serum

A little something different today, skincare.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve used Vitamin C infused wash and moisturizers for ages, and am always looking for something that works at a decent price.  I have sensitive skin that dries out easily, and I don’t often wear makeup, so something that works without a significant time investment, but can be used simply and easily is what I need.

vit c serum

Packaging: the product arrived on schedule, packaged securely in bubble wrap and a padded envelope. There was no damage to the packaging or the glass spray bottle within.

There is no noticeable scent for the serum, a difference from many of the other products out there


This is a loose gelatinous suspension, a little more amber in color than clear, not greasy or cloudy, but thick and light in feel.  Easily spread, the gel is absorbed rapidly.
What I did notice is that for about an hour after application there was a decided ‘slipperiness’ to my skin –I’m not a makeup wearer, but if I were, that would prevent me from using the preparation before putting on makeup.

I do see a difference in the elasticity and overall appearance of my skin,  I have sensitive skin that dries out quickly, the once a day application worked well for me: applying each morning.


I’ve tried several different preparations, and pricing varies widely from a 2 – 4 % solution that is easily found through ‘elite’ brands at 10 times the price of this product, with half of the active ingredient.  At 2 ounces for just under $20 – you can’t go wrong with this, and you won’t break your bank.

Check out the VoiBella 2 oz bottle of the Vitamin C 20% serum on Amazon | Website



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