About watermelon and sea salt…

We all have a personal history with food: love it or hate it, one of the strongest memories is the scent memory. Realtors will often put cookies in an oven, or light cinnamon and vanilla scented candles to recreate the “Gramma’s baking cookies” moment that so many of us can relate to.

In fact, my Grandmother was the one who taught me to bake, and to follow a recipe; to appreciate and see the creations as part of her love for her family, and not just something she did to keep busy.  In my family – the food skill gene skipped a generation; my mother was a passable, but not adventurous cook, and sometimes created spectacularly bad dishes.  I learned to cook meals, in a sort of self-defense. I expanded my options, offerings and ingredients to feed my daughter in a healthy and budget friendly way.  Now, with Cooking Channel and Food Network and my inability to pass up a cookbook or not try some new idea I can feed my food addiction whenever I need a fix.

Since I am currently in an apartment (I hate little kitchens) and we are limited in counter space, storage space and a “real” space to do things like dinner parties most of what I create for the two of us can be done in limited space, and with an eye on the budget.  I try to share tips that I have found to multipurpose gadgets that I do have, along with substitution options.

I do hope that you will enjoy and try some of the recipes I share, and perhaps share some of your own.  Food is as exciting as a new romance, always better when shared, and even has moments that I simply call “food porn” when the picture just makes you need to have it.

Then – because I can never do too much – I’ve also added in product reviews to the mix: from food to personal care items to just things  I’ve picked up in my day

And, when I am not playing with food, experimenting with taste or ideas I can be found at my other blog I am, Indeed


What do you have to add?

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